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Overall objectives

  • To improve the Energy and Resource Efficiency (E&RE) of Pakistan textile and tannery industries along the complete process chain
  • To increase the technological capacity and know-how of Pakistani textile and tannery industries and induce technical innovations for promoting the indigenisation of technologies
  • To minimise Pakistan's contribution to Greenhouse Gas emissions and enhance the share of renewable energy technologies
  • To widen the scope of Sustainable Production (SP) at the local, national and international levels
  • To create an enabling environment for promoting Sustainable Production amongst the targeted industrial sectors
  • To strengthen links between EU and Pakistan research and industry from the technology to the policy level

Specific objectives

To develop a model for Sustainable Production through the implementation of a range of Energy and Resource Efficiency (E&RE) initiatives in the textile and tannery sectors in Pakistan, with the potential to adapt these initiatives to other manufacturing industries in the long-term (e.g. sugar, pulp & paper, steel rolling etc.)