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Sustainable and Cleaner production in the manufacturing Industries of Pakistan (SCI-Pak)


There are clear environmental challenges that must be faced by industries in Pakistan, given the global impetus for minimising impact on the climate, whilst meeting the increasing demands of society and business. Subsequently, conservation of resources and minimisation of energy use are vital for companies seeking to be at the forefront of this industrial and political progression.

SCI-Pak aims to develop a model for SP through the implementation of a range of energy and resource recovery initiatives in the Textile and Tannery sectors in Pakistan, with the potential to adapt these initiatives to other manufacturing industries in the long-term (e.g. sugar, pulp & paper, steel re-rolling, etc.). Both sectors use gas as the single major source of fuel for steam and power generation, and with Pakistan’s depleting gas reserves, these sectors need to find an alternate and sustainable source of energy to continue manufacturing and remain viable in the future.

Target groups

The immediate target groups consist of Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the Textile Processing and Tannery sectors of Pakistan. The project aims to expand the number of industry stakeholders from additional SME manufacturing sectors, such as the Pulp & Paper, Sugar, and other energy intensive industries, based on the expected results achieved with the textile and tannery industries. The Textile and Tannery sectors consist of more than 1300 SMEs throughout Pakistan and are resource intensive, since energy consumption accounts for approximately 30% of their annual production costs, followed by water and resource consumption.