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Cleaner Production Institute (CPI) meets All Pakistan Textile Processing Mills Association (APTPMA)

November 23, 2009
The Dynasty, Faisalabad

The objective of the meeting was to introduce SCI-Pak to new Chairman and Regional Chairman of APTPMA and update them on the progress of the project. Project experts congratulated Mr. Aftab Ahmed and Mr. Ajmal Farooq on becoming new Chairman and Regional Chairman respectively on behalf of project consortium.

Mr. Shafqat Ullah presented SCI-Pak project objectives, activities, partners in detail. He explained that the project is being conducted with the assistance of Textile and Leather Associations throughout Pakistan, and needs support from “All Pakistan Textile Processing Mills Association (APTPMA)” and “Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA)” for implementing various energy and resource efficiency technologies in the member industries.

The Project Experts informed participants about the project’s target groups, which include textile and tannery SMEs, industrial equipment manufacturers (IEMs), educational and research institutes, industrial associations, government bodies, financial institutes, policy making organizations and European research institutes and equipment manufacturers.

Project experts elaborated that the project has started with assessment of life cycle phases of textile and leather product chain. All phases have been analyzed on the basis of their environmental, energy and social issues, energy and resource efficient technologies.

The Project Experts mentioned that capacity enhancement of the local equipment manufacturers on sustainable technologies will be carried out through specific training workshops. The first training workshop for the tanning sector IEMs is going to be conducted by the BLC Leather Technology Centre in Germany, from 14-16th of December, 2009

BLC is a leading leather technology centre, working with hundreds of companies across the globe. With years of experience BLC has the technical pedigree in leather technology for ensuring fast accurate solutions to technical, management or environmental leather problems. Clean Leather Manufacturing, Intensive Leather Technology, and Leather Finishing are the focus areas of training.

Project experts informed that along with training workshop, project partners have also mobilised relevant research centres and companies that will be sending their representative to attend the workshop. These organisations have a proven track record of demonstrable and transferable knowledge in Sustainable Production techniques and technologies. These representatives will share their knowledge and experience by presenting case studies with the participants of the workshop. This activity will also provide local IEMs with ample opportunity for networking and to establish relationships for technology transfer from Europe to Pakistan.

The Project Experts stressed that this project would collaborate with associations to impart benefits of the project in the true sense. In this connection, suggestions and recommendation as forwarded by associations will be considered primarily. Initially SCI-Pak is focused on leather and textile sectors with ability to replicate the project outcomes to other industrial sectors like sugar, paper, cement, pharmaceutical, steel etc.

The presentations were followed with elaborate discussions between stakeholders and project experts. Several issues related to the implementation of project activities were discussed and stakeholders shared their experiences and reservations with project experts. Stakeholders’ feedback was recorded and they were assured that their valuable comments will be considered for implementation of project activities.


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Mr. Aftab Ahmed Chairman APTPMA
Mr. Ajmal Farooq Regional Chairman APTPMA
Mr. Shabbir Ahmad Executive Member and Former Chairman APTPMA
Mr. Idrees Ahmad Sheikh Senior Member APTPMA
Mr. Rizwan Ashraf Executive Member APTPMA
Mr. Saeed Sheikh Executive Member APTPMA
Mr. Nazir Ahmad Chief Engineer Noor Fatima Group
Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Secretary APTPMA Faisalabad
Mr. Shafqat Ullah  
Mr. Muhammad Yaseen Khan  
Mr. Arjmand Qayyum Amjad  
Ms. Aisha Sbeen