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ECO-Label Seminars

Lahore; January 29, 2013

Faisalabad ; January 31, 2013

Promotion of sustainable labels and standards among SMEs was also one of the focused areas of the SCI-Pak project. It was required that the Pakistani SMEs of textile and tannery sectors should have been aware of various sustainable labels and standards which were being demanded by European and other international buyers so that these SMES could be well prepared for it and implement those practices and standards required by these labels and standards.

In this connection, CPI arranged two half day seminars on Sustainable Labels and Standards-Focus for Future Business in Lahore on January 29, 2013 at Hotel Avari and in Faisalabad on January 31, 2013 at Serena Hotel. The seminars served as a forum where representatives of textile and tannery SMEs got knowledge about various labels and standards prevalent in the international market and learnt that how these labels and standards could be achieved and what measures should had to be taken and implemented in their processes. They also shared their own experience of getting these standards and working with various international buyers. The seminars’ objectives was to brief the participants about the progress of the project, aware the participants about the requirements and the types of different sustainable labels and standards prevalent worldwide, highlight the unsustainable practices being practiced in textile and tannery SMEs which was required to be changed to acquire sustainable labels and standards.

The resource persons in these seminars were Mr. Shafqat Ullah (Director Projects, CPI) and Mr. Ammar Ahmad Yasir (Mechanical Engineer, IHT).