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Pakistani Vendors Participated in Training Workshop in Netherlands

IEMs Training in the Netherlands

Under the EU Funded SCI-Pak Project, which aims at promoting sustainable and cleaner production in the textile processing and leather tannery industries of Pakistan, specially organized workshop for the training of Industrial Equipment Manufacturers (IEMs) was held in Netherlands. The workshop was conducted by TNO Science and Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands from 3-6th of August, 2010.

Training materials, which were developed jointly by the European and local experts, focused on achieving one the main objectives of the project - knowledge transfer and capacity building of IEMs for introducing SP techniques and technologies in the manufacturing sector. The topics included process optimization textile processing, boiler systems, biomass boilers, water treatment systems, condensing economizers, chemical recovery in textile processing and alternate energy systems.

The industrial equipment manufacturers who send their representatives to attend the training session were DDFC Lahore, Aqua Regia Lahore, Haroon Engineering Lahore, Sitara Engineers Faisalabad, Fastech Labs Faisalabad, FBL Group Lahore, Cogen Consult Karachi and Energy and Environment Engineers Lahore.

Along with the training workshop, the project partners also mobilized relevant research centers and companies in Europe to send their representative to attend the workshop. These representatives shared their knowledge and experience, and this provided the local IEMs with ample opportunity for networking and to establish long-term relationships for technology transfer from Europe to Pakistan. In this regard ttz Bremerhaven, Germany presented potentials of joint businesses between European and Pakistani IEMs. ECO Ceramics, Netherlands and Klaren Netherlands presented their profiles and offered joint venture opportunities.

The participants of the training also had a site visit to Vink Sion where a highly efficient wood fired boiler has been installed along with condensing economizer, exhaust air cleaning system and CO2 capture system. The plant was installed by HoSt, Netherlands. All of these activities were aimed at facilitating growth in the IEMs’ capacity to meet long-term requirement of manufacturing sector for reducing energy consumption and resource utilization through implementation of proven sustainable production (SP) practices. The IEMs will participate in pilot and dissemination activities of the project to promote energy and resource efficiency technologies in textile processing and tannery sector.

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