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SCI-Pak holds Project Awareness Session in Faisalabad

SMEs Seminar - Faisalabad


The European Commission is currently undertaking the Switch Asia Program to promote economic prosperity and reduce poverty in Asian countries through sustainable growth with reduced environmental impact by industries and consumers, in line with international environmental agreements and processes.

In the first phase of Switch Asia program, fifteen projects are being implemented in ten countries of Asia. In Pakistan, Cleaner Production Institute (CPI) and Iqbal Hamid Trust are implementing the project of Sustainable and Cleaner Production in the Manufacturing Industries of Pakistan (SCI-Pak) in collaboration with ttz Bremerhaven and Centre on Sustainable Consumption & Production (CSCP) Germany.

SCI-Pak aims to develop a model for sustainable production in the textile and tannery sectors in Pakistan by promoting the more efficient technologies and processes throughout the supply chain and in consumer behavior. The project aspires to increase the technological capacity and know-how of Pakistani Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), induce technical innovations for promoting the indigenization of technologies and create a Sustainable Production Network.